Paper Gods

Nerf Herding the Stone
Nothing weird ever happens in Roswell, right?

The crew is sent to recover a mysterious black box from a secret bunker located outside former Roswell, NM currently Aztlan territory.

Train Robbery
We're gonna be bad guys

Taking the train home to Seattle? Why not rob it on the way!

Spa Day
You should be flattered, really

The team is still waiting on the intel from Simon, are encouraged to check out the night life of Detroit. The team decides to check out a few spots that are recommended by Simon.

Thunderbird is the first to wake up, he’s laying completely naked on a massage table in a room decorated in traditional Japanese minimalism. Reaching out the Matrix he is only able to find a local network with six silent running devices clustered within a few feet of each other.

MeMaw and Juggs wake up in a Japanese spa room as well being attended by a hospitality drone. BAG wakes up in similar surroundings.

The team, unsure of how or why they are naked in what appears to be a Japanese style spa begin searching for one another. When a hospitality drone attempts to stop MeMaw and Juggs from leaving, Juggs destroys with with her bare hands. A Ork Phys-Adpet is not to be trifled with even when wearing only a soft cotton robe.

Thunderbird makes the starting discovery that when he is actually in contact with his decoy deck he is able to see the Matrix, but when he uses his natural abilities it is once again only a local network with six silent icons.

The team finally all meet up in the room with Thunderbird and shares what information they have. BAG suggests trying to hack one of the icons that Thunderbird is able to see in the weird isolated local network. More hospitality drones and what appears to be a human employee of the spa begin banging on the room door demanding entry.

Thunderbird is able to successfully hack on of the icons, but is unable to determine what the device is as it is not registered and he has never encountered one before. There is a coded series of commands and Thunderbird begins the process of running the commands to see what will happen. As Thunderbird executes all the commands on the device, Juggs falls lifeless to the floor.

Memaw is immediately distraught and blames the robots outside the door, BAG confirms that Juggs body is not just unconscious but lifeless.

Juggs wakes up as the door to the stasis pod opens and disconnects tubing from her. She is in sealed room with five other Stasis pod. Three containing the rest of her team, and two containing a pair of elves she has never seen before. Juggs decides that the best course of action is to get BAG out of the stasis pod next, and lacking any proper tools or ability to interface begins forcibly destroying the stasis pod.

The opening of one pod and attack on the second alerts the people running the stasis pod facility and a person is sent down to investigate. BAg is free of his pod by the time the facility crew come in the door. In the virtual reality BAG falls over dead.

With the room door in the real world open Thunderbird now sees the building’s wifi signal, though weakly as the rest of the room is still shielded. He is able to quickly get in communication with his team on the outside and begin shutting down all the stasis pods in the room. From files he recovers from the central system he learns that BAG and one of the unknown elves was marked to be chopped up and their cyberware sold. Juggs, MeMaw, Thunderbird and the other elf were going to undergo the drugging and mind-wipe process to make them Joy Dolls (sex slaves).

BAG and Juggs make short work of the kidnapper. The rest of the team and the elves are freed from the stasis pods and with the help of the deeply mistrustful elves they fight their way out of the compound and escape into an alley on the streets of Detroit. Once above ground all their devices sync and the team realizes they have lost three days and have several messages from Simon, who has located the information they need to find Lycos.

Detroit City Blues

In the aftermath of Lycos’s abduction the group scurried to track where the Heli-coffin had taken both Lycos and the CyberKnight. Twain’s signal had been located outside of Ares Macrotech HQ in Detroit.

A suborbital flight, a few phonecalls to Rio, and a few nervous hours later, they were in Detroit getting ready to meet with a Local Fixer and Saeder-Krup insider, Simon.. They rented an apartment together and waited to meet him at a nightclub later. After discovering their needs Simon informed that them investigating the whereabouts of Twain and Lycos would take time. He set them up with his local man, Steve, an exmilitary who lived in a van down by the river, and an expert sniper, to help them out with local area information. Instead of going to their new home that night. Juggs went to spend the night with Simon and Thunderbird627 crashed at an abandoned house with the band.

Wanted Dead or Alive

Bobby Ross, Meemaw’s long time friend, contact, and lover landed his plane at their airstrip in Snohomish badly injured. With the gang finally assembled and a medikit doing its job on helping heal Bobby, the group was able to finally get out of him that he and his team had taken a job tracking down a missing PI. It turned out the case was somehow involved in the increase in missing persons where they only found the cyberware remaining. Bobby’s group ran into some trouble at a warehouse. Bobby was able to make it out alive, but he was pretty sure the rest of the team are dead. They researched the data that was recovered, where Thunderbird627 found a bit of code that he recognized as familiar, Lycos was in the matrix with him began telling the entire group that they had to run and get out while they still could. Thunderbird627 then recognized why the data looked familiar, it was Lycos’s OS that let him be more than just an ordinary dog.
The team decided to take a look around the warehouse for several reasons.
1. Whatever was relevant about that data was terrifying Lycos, And no one hurts their dog.
2. If it had programming from Lycos’s OS, it might be worth a considerable amount of Nuyen
3. Bobby’s people were still in there and the team owed him for helping out with that Merrow
4. Cyberware ain’t cheap, and there sounded like there were some spare parts laying around for the taking.

Upon arrival the group discovered a magic rune trap inside the building … as well as a cyborg, Thunderbird627 had dubbed him “Robocop” since he had been researching late 20th century science fiction and the guy was being built by Knight Errant Security Services. All machine and no humanity, the group had decided that Lycos must have been a stepping stone to this, since they had made a non humanoid creature cyber, to be able to make a person completely cyber and suspected the endgame of making a completely synthetic AI. Being a Technomancer and showing up differently on the matrix the Robocop did not attack Thunderbird627, focusing more on Juggs, Meemaw, and B.A.G.’s drones. Juggs suspected that it was drawing power from the runes and broke them as she breaks most things, with her axe. This had the draw back of freeing the Robocop. The group was in over their heads in a straight on fight and so lured him outside. Immediately, a drop coffin container surrounded Robocop and hovered him off. The group was caught off guard by this, but not for long. They discovered the cops were on their way so they grabbed any and all data they could, some cyberware laying around and Bobby’s friends. On the way back Thunderbird627 played some messages from Lycos, each more frantic than the last about intruders and how he is running away. Until a message from Twain, his SRO friend, came through thanking him for finding his brothers. Thunderbird627 messaged Twain that they were coming for their dog and how could he do this to a friend.

Happy Little Accidents
Fish in a Barrel

Lycos takes it upon himself to arrange a meeting with a Johnson, while the group is a little wary about cutting their own fixer out of the loop, they decide not to leave Lycos out to hang and meet with the Johnson.

Under the pretense of being an animal rights group the Johnson represents and organization that is little more than a hate group against non-humans. They dress Juggs appropriately for the meeting, and make her eat from a bowl on the floor. The gang is upset to discover that the Johnson wants a Merrow that has been put on display in a bar in Renton destroyed.

They take the job, but vow to relocate the creature (they are tool users and likely sentient, Juggs argued) instead of kill it, though B.A.G. insists on a “kill it” back up plan in case the mission goes south due to the violent nature of Merrow. Calling in a favour from Meemaw’s long time paramour, Bobby Ross to acquire the use of his medi-plane the group makes a plan to break the filter and relocate the creature for the tank cleaning. They come in posing as the water tankard drivers, steal the fish person, put him on the plane and fly away before calls are made about him being stolen.

Lycos is forbidden from meeting Johnsons and Thunderbird tasks a cookie sprite in the matrix to monitor Lycos and keep him in line by zapping him every time he hacks something on the matrix.

The Beatles are more popular than Jesus
Better-Than-Life Beating

News reports of people going missing in Tacoma began increasing. Rumors that the Yakuza had begun targeting and eliminating Female Orc Prostitutes were reaching the groups ears. Meanwhile Thunderbird627 was putting pressure on KrakkenSR and the rest of his SRO guild to make friends with a newcomer, Twain, whose interpersonal skills seemed lacking.

Rio lined up a job, The Johnson wanted us to abduct and beat up someone. It did not take the group long to discover that this was part of a Better-Than-Life simsense experience. Thunderbird627 agreed to go along with the rest of the group since they had already taken the job, but made a notion that they needed to ask more questions in the future about what was being asked of them. He informed the rest of the group that he was morally opposed to Beatles, BTLs, since he was exceptionally susceptible to sim-addiction. B.A.G. seemed intrigued to note that Technomancers were always considered running Hot-sim anytime they were in the matrix, which was almost always. They played along with the kidnapping and beat and tortured the “victim” to the point of passing out, they edited themselves out of the footage and even found ways to augment the experience further. After which the group used a medikit to clean out any and all drugs in the poor “victim’s” system

Dick in a Box
Senator's Son

While Han “Meemaw” Solo and Juggs take in the “Good Boy” Lycos, the fixer has yet another job lined up. Discretion may be the better part of valor, but it is also required for backdoor deals of intimidation and other sundry criminal activities.

Demands to know who the leader of their group was lead to a quick discussion that Han was better suited to being face, but with sub vocal and AR interface uplink we could leave the leadership in other suited hands. BAG was contacted by Rio for a meeting with a Johnson who sent a sweet Auto to pick us up to a warehouse. Inspection of the driver’s ID, Marcus Smith, yielded a military background and current employment in personal protection, by Senator Charles Seaver. The Johnson, who for the official record was totally not Senator Seaver, had been having trouble with a local Yakuza clan leader, Yamamura Tokimoto, AKA The Crane. It seems Crane had been threatening to release the Senator’s sons gambling habits leak publicly, and was attempting to extort money. The group was being paid to send a message that this was unacceptable behavior.

Despite the literal shit show that their first mission had been the group quickly came up with a plan for sending the most effective message to not only the Crane, but hopefully the rest of the Yakuza. They ran into very little trouble infiltrating the hideout behind the pachinko parlor, with assistance from Thunderbird627’s monitoring of security alerts and Bag’s miniature rigs keeping an eye out. Juggs only needed to cleave one gangster in half, after luring him into a cleaning supply closet for sex and left him in the sink, on the team’s way into Crane’s office.
They found out that the Senator’s son didn’t owe the Yakuza money, they were attempting to extort the Senator for the what they owed his son in winnings. This was dishonorable and the group hoped that the shame of him having his penis removed at gunpoint would make him reconsider his position and tactics.

The man who was totally not the senator was so surprised and amused by the group that he not only paid them the agreed fair, but rewarded them further with promises of tailored suits. But more importantly the hint at potential further jobs.

No Dumping Allowed

While looking for bigger work Rio delegates a small delivery for the group. B.A.G. and Thunderbird being the only ones to be able to access the matrix accept the job alone. Posing as Sanitation officers, with sweet level 4 SINs to prove it, they are lead through a series of Matrix clues to a pick up and drop off location to a secure private residence.
In the barren wastes that are the Puyallups they ran into some trouble and to throw off the Orc gang that was tracking them. Thunderbird627 hacked a local Elfgang bar to draw them into the pursuit in hopes of setting the two gangs against one another. The Miracles of B.A.G.’s driving skills saved them and shook the tail (while avoiding some of the demolition caused by the gang fight).
This off the grid clean room even came with automated guns to escort the two back off the premises never to meet the shut in recluse who lived there.

Dog Gone
Saving Private Lycos

The newly formed group are offered their very first run. An animal rights activist offers to pay the group to break into a disposal facility to rescue a former test animal before the dog is killed.

The facility operates in the Pullyup using the still active volcano of Mount Rainier to dispose of most of the waste. The Johnson assures the team it has minimum security (who wants to steal trash?), bu that it has to be done before the dog is disposed of at the end of the week.

“ThunderBird627” does research and discovers that the disposal company does only have a small staff listed, and that it does general disposal of physical items for a variety of other businesses. It’s a far flung child company of Knights Errant, but not listed anywhere high enough to have extra territorial status.

The plan was formed that MeeMaw and Juggs would enter the location posing as inspectors, while Thunderbird627 and BAG would provide Overwatch.

Things went mostly smoothly, until while taking the crate out a side door Juggs and MeeMaw cross paths with a guard patrol route. The two attempt to convince the guard to let them pass, then to give up, giving BAG time to sneak up behind the guard and shoot him stick and shock rounds.

Thunderbird627 and BAG notice that the dog has some sort of electronic signal coming off of him, and assuming it’s a tracking beacon focus a targeted jammer at it while heading to the rendezvous point. Attempts to contact Mr. Johnson on the number provided fail, but the team continues to the spot.

Upon closer inspection Thunderbird627 discovers that the signal coming off the dog is similar to the kind a decker would have. In the digital world the dog’s physical body is overlain with a large gorilla that demands to be let out of the car or he’ll break things. All manner of electronic items the car passes starts being brute forced attracting attention of the Grid Overwatch Division.

Once at the meetup point the group is given the message of ‘let the dog go". Once free the dog takes off running and BAG begins to chase him. The teams comm links starting lighting up and the message "I’m the Johnson! Stop Chasing me!!" begins spamming them.

The dog explains he is called Lycos and that he contacted the team to rescue him before he was destroyed. That while he has no actual money he does have data concerning the process of creating him, including the cyberware that makes him more intelligent.

The team agrees to sell the data in exchange for their services. Rio makes contact with some mysterious Brit who buys the data for his corporation. Juggs then offers Lycos a home with she and Meemaw, which Lycos accepts.


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