Yamamura Tokimoto

The Crane


The Yakuza lieutenant whose clan controls a large section of Seattle. Strange rumors have started circulating about his mental stability.


Shortly after the attempted blackmail of Seattle Governor Seaver, events led to the mutilation of The Crane that nearly cost him his position and status. Few are aware of the details but several men within The Cranes organization disappeared and were replaced.

Perhaps unrelated, but along the same time line, all Orc prostitutes in the clans territory were hunted down and killed. It is said no Orcs are allowed to work the streets that belong to The Crane now.

Rumors are whispered that Tokimoto has undergone some sort of radical cyberware process implantation and that he has developed strange habits. There is not much information on this as anyone caught talking about it does not live long.

Yamamura Tokimoto

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