Online gaming friend of “ThunderBird627”.


Confiding in Thunderbird627 about a troubled home life with neglectful parents the two seemed to bond, though only meeting in cyberspace.

Twain claims to have two brothers; an older one who ran away from home, and a younger one that their parents dote on.

After most recent events it seems that Twain may be the person responsible for the recent abductions of both Lycos and the CyberKnight prototype.

Further investigation by the Nerf Herders has led to the discovery that Twain is in fact an AI program. During a raid to save Lycos from being uploaded onto the Matrix. Twain uploaded himself and is now an unbound program within the Matrix itself. He has been known to take over surveillance satellites, military missiles, and even impersonate computer programming PhD.s. Recently he has taken up the fight, along with Lycos and Thunderbird627, for AI rights.


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