Arms Dealer


Goober is a dwarven armorer operating out of Tacoma along the waterfront. He has a bait & tackle shop (“Goober’s B&T”) that he works out of, but has a small warehouse underneath where he runs almost anything in hardware (Guns, vehicles, tech). He has a lot of connections, but doesn’t trust easily. He’s a survivor of Bug City and was mentally scarred by that. He’s a firm believer in the principal of supply and demand.

Goober is a typical dwarf, short and rotund with a full red-brown beard and bushy eyebrows. He has several pieces of obvious cyberware, including older “goggle style” cyebreyes, two datajacks and a rigger control rig jack, plus his left arm is obviously cybered. He’s always wearing a pair of coveralls with the arms torn off and the pockets stuffed with gear, plus a bulging toolbelt with anything he might need to do a spur of the moment repair.



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