David Standing Bear

Salish-Shidhe Council Bear Shaman


Standing Bear is a human male of Salish tribe. He is over 2 meters tall (6’8") and broadly built. He has straight black hair past his shoulders that is often tied into a pony tail. He appears to be in excellent physical condition and in his late 30s.


David Standing Bear is a bear shaman living in Salish-Shidhe Council. His family is one of the wealthier ones of the area owning several investments and resorts.

At some point David did something to anger the Bear Spirit and with the loss of his magic began to spiral down into depression and alcoholism. While a vision quest would allow him to make amends and restore himself in eyes of bear, it had to be done with a group of people with no self gain motives. Holding such a significant place in the tribe and corporation even his closest friends would stand to gain a great deal by helping David, and as such could not pass Bear’s tests.

After a chance drunken meeting withMeeMaw and Juggs, David is able to enlist their Ernest help in completing Bear’s tasks in the astral plane. Fully restored now to his position and power, David Standing Bear is a powerful ally to Juggs and Meemaw.

David Standing Bear

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