Paper Gods

Food Fight

Shit in my pants.

Four strangers are extended an invitation to a diner in Auburn with the promise of work and the possibility of a team.

Upon arriving the group is lead back to a meeting room by the staff, who seem completely un-phased by motley crews obviously rough style and displayed weapons. A plaque on the wall proudly proclaims the meeting room to be reserved by The Ladies Auxiliary.

The four meet their new Fixer, Rio, and are offered breakfast before being introduced to one another. Han, a older and wiser smuggler and face that now goes by the name MeMaw. The orc physical adept,Juggernaut, that is fine with the shortened moniker “Juggs” has a large and menacing ax slung across her back. A human called Bag, an ex orc gang look-out, is their rigger and observation man. The last of the four is a young British man fitting all the stereotypes of Shadowrunner right down to his lined coat, that will be the teams Decker, he goes by Thunderbird. Rio sends the team to meet with a Talismonger who is having problems with the local mob protection racket.

After meeting with the Talismonger the teams learns that his daughter has been taken ransom util he pays his back “insurance” fees. His business has been bad lately and he’s not able to pay the full amount, but will pay the Runners what he has if they can save his daughter. He tells the team that Vic Fratelli is the local enforcer and that if they follow him they should be able to learn the location of his daughter.

The team follow Fratelli to a local McHughs fast food restaurant. Thuderbird is able to hack into and disable the metal detectors at the front doors. Bag settles into his car and releases spy drones. Memaw, Juggs and Thunderbird go into the restaurant carrying only concealed pistols.

Trying to blend in the three order some food and dig in while discretely observing Vic sitting at a corner table. The McHughs only has four other patrons; an orc college student, a father and young daughter enjoying the night out, and a middle aged man that looks like he’s had too much coffee already.



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