Paper Gods

Dog Gone

Saving Private Lycos

The newly formed group are offered their very first run. An animal rights activist offers to pay the group to break into a disposal facility to rescue a former test animal before the dog is killed.

The facility operates in the Pullyup using the still active volcano of Mount Rainier to dispose of most of the waste. The Johnson assures the team it has minimum security (who wants to steal trash?), bu that it has to be done before the dog is disposed of at the end of the week.

“ThunderBird627” does research and discovers that the disposal company does only have a small staff listed, and that it does general disposal of physical items for a variety of other businesses. It’s a far flung child company of Knights Errant, but not listed anywhere high enough to have extra territorial status.

The plan was formed that MeeMaw and Juggs would enter the location posing as inspectors, while Thunderbird627 and BAG would provide Overwatch.

Things went mostly smoothly, until while taking the crate out a side door Juggs and MeeMaw cross paths with a guard patrol route. The two attempt to convince the guard to let them pass, then to give up, giving BAG time to sneak up behind the guard and shoot him stick and shock rounds.

Thunderbird627 and BAG notice that the dog has some sort of electronic signal coming off of him, and assuming it’s a tracking beacon focus a targeted jammer at it while heading to the rendezvous point. Attempts to contact Mr. Johnson on the number provided fail, but the team continues to the spot.

Upon closer inspection Thunderbird627 discovers that the signal coming off the dog is similar to the kind a decker would have. In the digital world the dog’s physical body is overlain with a large gorilla that demands to be let out of the car or he’ll break things. All manner of electronic items the car passes starts being brute forced attracting attention of the Grid Overwatch Division.

Once at the meetup point the group is given the message of ‘let the dog go". Once free the dog takes off running and BAG begins to chase him. The teams comm links starting lighting up and the message "I’m the Johnson! Stop Chasing me!!" begins spamming them.

The dog explains he is called Lycos and that he contacted the team to rescue him before he was destroyed. That while he has no actual money he does have data concerning the process of creating him, including the cyberware that makes him more intelligent.

The team agrees to sell the data in exchange for their services. Rio makes contact with some mysterious Brit who buys the data for his corporation. Juggs then offers Lycos a home with she and Meemaw, which Lycos accepts.



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